Bangkok not ban street food vendor

Mi Sung | FNG News | 12:00 AM  27 April 2017 
Bangkok City administration not banning street food vendor in Yaowarat roads, night bazaar  and China town, senior official told FNG on Thursday.  Last week, street vendors worries, city crackdown on street food scene. 

Khao San, tourist attraction spot in Bangkok, have been famous for it’s delicious street food venue is under pressure about  municipal police crackdown last week.

“Now is fine.” ” We can keep make food here.” senior street vendor says. 

Yaowarat, heart of the Chinatown district in Bangkok, variety of Asian and Chinese
biggest food stall in Thailand.

Bangkok has 380,000 street vendors, which major driving force of country economy because they are not providing food only opportunity for migrant, young people and make tourist attraction also.